Frequently Asked Questions About Chipped Teeth

Frequently Asked Questions About Chipped Teeth

The outer layer of your teeth is called the enamel and it is one of the hardest parts of your body. It has its limits and this is the reason why your teeth can crack if exposed to serious erosion or a tremendous blow. This can result in a craggy tooth surface which can negatively impact the appearance of your smile and requires your immediate attention. Our dentists at Magnolia Dental have provided all the information related to chipped teeth in this blog.

What Are The Causes Of Chipped Teeth?

Chipped teeth can be caused due to several reasons. Your favorite Mabank dentist has listed them below for your better understanding.

  • Chewing or biting hard substances like pencils, pens, hard candy, or ice 
  • Faced an accident 
  • Teeth grinding while sleeping 
  • Engaging in contact sport without using any mouthguard

What are the Risk Factors for Chipped Teeth?

  • It is highly believed that weakened teeth are more susceptible to chipping the stronger ones. Your teeth can be weakened by tooth decay and also cavities that ruin your enamel whereas large fillings can even weaken your teeth. Teeth grinding also has the capability of spoiling your enamel and the intake of acidic foods, such as fruit juices, coffee, and spicy foods has the capability of wearing down your enamel, therefore, revealing your teeth. This is why it is essential to visit your Mabank dentist every six months for a proper checkup.
  • A few digestive conditions, like heartburn and acid reflux, can lead to stomach acid flowing back into your mouth and this is harmful to the enamel. Too much consumption of alcohol and eating disorders can result in frequent vomiting which has the capacity of generating acid that can spoil your enamel. You need to consult your dentist in Mabank if you suffer from such issues.
  • Bacteria can also be generated in your mouth through the intake of excessive sugar and these bacteria can wear off your enamel. As you age, your enamel also begins to wear down. Therefore, if you are above 50 years of age, you are more susceptible to weakened enamel. Research published in the Journal of Endodontics stated that about two-thirds of those with chipped teeth are aged 50 years or above

What Kind Of Teeth Are At Risk?

If your teeth are weakened, then obviously they are at risk. However, it has been stated that the second lower molar and teeth that have large fillings are more vulnerable to chipping. This happens because the second lower molar is more susceptible to pressure whenever you are chewing.

What are the Symptoms of a Chipped Tooth?

Minor chipping of teeth that are not present in the front of your mouth may not render you any signal. But, certain common symptoms that can be felt include gum irritation near to the chipped tooth, pain while you bite, feeling a rough surface when running your tongue on your teeth, just to mention some.


Through a minute analysis of your mouth, your dentist in Mabank will be able to detect a chipped tooth. Symptoms may also be taken into consideration and you will be questioned about incidents that lead to the chipping.
We hope this blog has helped you to understand everything about chipped teeth. Book an appointment with us at Magnolia Dental if you are looking for the best dental care services in Mabank, TX.